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The right product is important to solve your pest infestation problem.
Expert Extermination is a residential or commercial pest control specialist offering a wide range of products that are efficient, safe and effective.

Our consultants will guide you through the steps of a treatment by evaluating your needs and proposing solutions that are economical as well as practical.

Our customers will benefit from optimal results with our identification, extermination or capture products. With more than 30 years of industry experience, the Expert Extermination team has all the necessary tools to identify pests and we offer the best products on the market.

Our pest control consultants have the necessary training and certification required by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.

The Expert Extermination team is attentive to your needs and takes the time to carefully study your situation before offering the advice and services you need.

Extermination d’insectes Montréal
Extermination d’insectes Montréal

We care about your health and environment

Our company sells a variety of products that can be used in homes, restaurants, offices and other commercial areas.

We encourage Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We offer environmentally friendly tools alternatives in addition to chemicals so that we can minimize the use of pesticides while maintaining results.

Our consultants will also provide tips and advice on how to avoid future problems through preventative actions and detection measures.


Fortunately, some pest problems do not require house-calls. With its flexible service, Expert Extermination can provide you with the necessary equipment to help you intervene quickly and safely so as to limit the spread of the problem. Our certified consultants will assist you in solving any pest problems you may be facing - starting by an accurate identification in-store or by email free of charge!

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